Happy New Year and an Emotional New Video

A happy new year to you all. I have to begin by apologising for the lack of blogging leading up to last Christmas and the New Year. In short, from the second week of December things became very hectic (as I’m sure they do for most people) and there simply wasn’t enough time to fit my weekly blog in.

Christmas and New Year being a reason though more than an excuse. I hope to be more reliable in 2019 with my updates on Absorbing Recordings. To help with this I will be posting on Monday afternoons rather than Fridays. This will give me the weekend should the working week get busy to write something of interest… I hope!

To begin this year off I have a new short film to share. The Waiting was completed in December 2018 and has had a great deal of support and kind words since its release on YouTube.

The film focuses on the issues arising from illness and organ donation. Ben is a young man, husband and new father. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Primary Schlerosing Colangitis, a very rare and incurable liver disease. By December of the same year he was told he needed a liver transplant. Recorded in late 2016 – before his operation was announced – Ben and his wife Leanne discuss the emotional changes taking place while they wait for ‘the call’ and the effect the waiting has on their new family. The unknowing and uncertainty of their predicament brings to light the importance of organ donation and the on-going need for donors.

I have to thank Ben and Leanne for their openness during the production of this film. Their voices and responses had great resonance. Almost all filmmaking is an affecting experience, but The Waiting really was a privilege that allowed me access to explore the vulnerabilities and strengths of two incredible friends under extraordinary circumstances. This was a very rewarding – yet very emotional project to work on.

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