New ‘Technology Video’ with voice-over

Today will have to be a very short blog post I’m afraid. I’m currently involved in the post-production of a film, which is requiring a lot of time and careful consideration. Hopefully this short film I’m working on at the moment will be available before Christmas for you to see, but in the meantime I can share with you an episode taken from a recent commercial series I have been working on with Thinking Media Productions Limited. The client is the agricultural specialist BASF. The short video was shot this past summer (2018) and is part of a larger series that examines the working methods of ADAS agricultural scientists and the technologies they use to measure crop experiments. The full series will not be available till next year, but BASF have kindly given me permission to use this short example for my own promotional purposes.

I’ve made lots of product and process videos before, but this is just the second time I have been asked to provide a voice-over for the videos. I have a great appreciation for voice-over artistry and take the task very seriously indeed when commissioned. This voice-over was recorded in my own booth with my own microphones. I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of listeners and VO artists to help develop and improve my skills. Given the chance I would enjoy providing more voice-overs for material in the future. I’d like to thank BASF for opportunity this time round and hope you find the video interesting too.


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