Field Recordings #1 and #2

There is a video on YouTube, which was published by the Power of Film and Moving Image on the 13th of February 2017. The video is of a live event entitled, WILL SELF ON THE DEATH OF FILM. During the talk Self discusses how the application of cross-cut editing in modern cinema has removed the audience from the actual engagement and participation of a film. Due to the rapidity of modern editing the viewers are quickly rushed from one image to the next without the chance to contemplate or ponder on the meaning of what they have just seen. Self explains why Andrei Tarkovsky’s SF epic Solaris (1971) is his favourite film: ‘See Solaris and marvel at the length of the shots. URGH! HEAVEN! Shots, continuous shots, that last for a minute.’

Has this lack of the still, long-extended take in popular cinema coincided with a lack of interest from audiences? Can it be assumed that audiences want and need the popular language of film to include meandering shots for the purpose of meaningful interpretation? Possibly – but where mainstream cinema excludes such techniques other filmic formats begin to adopt and experiment with them. I recently produced two short field recordings, which used samples from audio recordings and still photography. The combination of these two simply edited elements allows the viewer to linger and reflect on what they are hearing, seeing and feeling as the seconds pass away. This type of slow immersion may encourage audiences to imbue new meanings and interpretations on these very still and very slow sequences. What do you think?

Field Recording #1


Field Recording #2

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