Getting started.

Hello and welcome to my first blog posting. This week I will try to keep things short and sweet. I’ve started this blog in conjunction with my company’s new website: This is a commercial company that produces media for commercial clients, but this is not a commercial blog. It will feature news, updates and a few Thinking Media Production related stories, but will remain first and foremost my personal blog. This will allow me to talk about all things media with ‘ALL VIEWS MY OWN’ – as they say. I haven’t done this so I can deliver unreserved, self-opinionated commentary with scathing bite, but rather I can be creative and flexible with what I post. My interests in moving images and audio recordings are broad and I like to try my hand at most things. This blog will include some of the commercial work I produce, but also some of the independent and more experimental projects that don’t quite fit into the commercial framework. For example, I like to write cinema reviews, analyse online digital content, photograph things, shoot short films, produce podcasts and, more recently, I have started to make field recordings. Hopefully, this blog will give me that platform to share work and experiences from both my commercial and personal interests in varying media formats. I would invite you to get in touch and keep up-to-date with the blog. Your thoughts and opinions are important to me. I will post every Friday afternoon at 3pm – something, anything, but not nothing – and I hope that this blog grows into a record of media endeavours for my own enjoyment – if not (I hope) in the interest of yours. See you next week!

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